The Parable of Covid-19



In the face of an awesome and intimidating adversary, one so infinitesimally tiny that it cannot even be seen by the unaided eye, the world is, with great trepidation, mobilising its resources in a bid to checkmate the onslaught of an insidious but aggressive enemy.

Within just months of its appearance, the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) has claimed over 18,000 lives, worldwide, as at the time of writing this article and the infection is continuously spreading, by the hour, notwithstanding the technologies available to the advanced countries where the disease has already wreaked havoc.

However, there is a huge lesson in how China tackled and overwhelmed the dreaded disease. One simple word that describes the Chinese operation is relentlessness. It was a complex operation but the key element in China’s battle against Covid-19 lay in moving quickly to track down infected people and separating them from the rest of the populace – no fetishism, no nonsense.

The Chinese operation has been so successful that in the last few weeks, that country has even been donating coronavirus testing kits and sharing the experience of her success with other nations, having contained the spread of the virus. On the whole, it was an exercise that required courage, speed and, yes, a relentless and determined attitude, to take the battle to the enemy, rather than just surrender and be on the defensive.

Relentlessness is an attitude informed by a state of the mind, of determination to succeed. This is what the animated graphics in this story demonstrates, most poignantly. Don’t give the enemy any breathing space. Constantly give it heat until you roast it out of existence. To do this, the rest of the world must not buckle in the face of an invisible, but gargantuan enemy.

We must thus, deploy every weapon in our arsenal, chiefly our courage. We must not panic. Then, we must be constantly and continuously educating and informing our people about the enemy and the latest efforts, worldwide, to defeat the scourge. Of course, we must apply whatever medicines and technologies we have. But above all, we must work tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve final victory.

This animation project is the work of a well-known Nigerian artist, animator, saxophonist and one of the greatest cartoonists to ever come out of Nigeria and Africa, Adeboye Adegbenro, also known as Boye Gbenro, or BG.

In producing this masterpiece of brevity in communication, Boye has brought to bear, his many experiences in different creative fields, having worked with some of the world’s greatest names in the movie/animation industry, including, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Brothers Feature Animation and Dreamworks SKG, the company that produces special effects and animation for movie legend, Steven Spielberg, director of the seminal work, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

Adegbenro, himself, describes the work as, “The Parable of Covid-19” and a “no-flex zone”. Says he, of what should be the world’s attitude towards the virus: “Keep the heat on, no one likes discomfort.”

  • For real-time information on Covid-19, worldwide, copy the link below, drop in a Google search window and follow the link to a world map. Place your cursor anywhere on the world map to see the latest figures and information on the virus, in those parts:


Illustration and animation: Courtesy,; Covid-19 Visualizer, Courtesy, Navid Mamoon and David Rasskin, Carnegie Mellon University.

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