Showmax Launches New Service, Brings Live Sports And Movies To Your Mobile Phone



The Shomax Pro streaming service: viewing a live programme via a handheld device.

Showmax, your video streaming platform, turns five, in a little over a month from now, with new innovations, to boot, including bringing live sports to your handheld devices.

From July 7, 2020 the upfront video streaming platform, rolls out a new subscription plan, the Shomax Pro, across the entire sub-Saharan Africa. But the service would come in stages beginning with Nigeria and Kenya.

In addition to the already existing Showmax entertainment service of music channels, news and live sport streaming from Supersport, the Showmax Pro would feature all English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, as well as all PSL games, with a wide range of live sport events, including IAAF Athletics, professional boxing and the world’s biggest marathon races.

The sport beta test has been running on Showmax since June last year and this debut comes as an end result of this year-long effort.

The Cape Town, South Africa-based Showmax is an African video on demand service with years of experience, operating on the African continent. It originally launched in August,2015.

Niclas Ekdahl, CEO, Connected Video division, MultiChoice.

Recounting the video streaming platform’s history and what sets it apart, Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of the Connected Video division of MultiChoice, said:

“Showmax is an African video on demand service with many years’ experience operating on this continent. We’re local-first, which means listening to our customers and delivering African stories told in familiar voices as well as the best that Hollywood has to offer.”

He went on, “Our local-first strategy is an advantage because it allows us to tailor our content, apps, packages and partnerships, specifically to what’s most important in Africa.”

In June 2019, Showmax began testing sport live-streaming, and the new Showmax Pro service is based on the results of this.

Ekdahl spoke about sport streaming: “The live sport test we ran on Showmax in conjunction with SuperSport has been well received, so that’s forming an integral part of our new Showmax Pro service.”

Another key development for African markets has been adapting the service for the data connectivity constraints on the continent and focusing on the most-used viewing devices.

Watching football and sport stream with mobile phone.

In November last year, Showmax launched a mobile-only service for smartphones and tablets, featuring all of the Showmax content but at half the cost of the standard Showmax service and consuming less data. This service has also proven popular, so in addition to the standard version of Showmax Pro there will also be a mobile-only version at half the price.

Said Ekdahl, of the role of a mobile-only option, “What else have we learned about operating an internet video service in Africa? Mobile usage is mainstream, so having a one-size-fits-all big screen service may not be the best solution here. With the mobile-only version of Showmax Pro, anyone with a smartphone in sub-Saharan Africa will be able to get the best African content, the best of Hollywood, and all of the best sporting action. This is something no other service is doing and we think it’s a game changer.”

The new bundle rolled out yesterday with Nigeria and Kenya, while additional countries would join the list in the weeks to follow. The entire process is expected to be completed within six to eight weeks, with a coverage spanning the entire sub-Saharan Africa.

The following table gives details of the new Showmax Pro service in Nigeria and Kenya.

Showmax Showmax Pro
Showmax Showmax Mobile Showmax Pro Showmax Pro Mobile
Kenya KSh 760 KSh 380 KSh 2100 KSh 1050
Nigeria NGN 2900 NGN 1450 NGN 6300 NGN 3200



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