Nwabufo Becomes First Nigerian To Reach Antarctica



Arthur Nwabufo

Arthur Nwabufo, a navigator and cadet at the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University of Russia, has become the first Nigerian to reach the Antarctica, the coldest place on earth.

Nwabufo joined other Russian colleagues on board the ‘Pallada’, a Russian vessel built in 1989 at the Gdansk shipyard, Poland, in a voyage to celebrate 200 years of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian navigators.

The ‘Pallada’, described as the pride of the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, has set sail on an expedition around the world.

The cadet’s feat was made known in a letter to the Nigerian embassy, signed by Olgga Tischenko, the head of the foreign affairs department of the institution.

The letter reads in part: “This is to inform the Nigerian Embassy, that Mr. Arthur Oge Nwabufo, a cadet from the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, is currently sailing on board sail training ship, ‘Pallada’, on the Round the World Expedition and he is the only Nigerian among cadets and crew-members of the sail ship.”

Arthur Nwabufo is also the younger brother of well-known, veteran Nigerian journalist, Frederick Nwabufo.

  • Story courtesy, The Cable.
  • Photos, cimheritage.org; nairaland.com


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