Kasala Dun Burs’ For Aproko Man Church



In fact, na many, many things de happen for this we country, gan. How persin go carry him wife go for inside church, make him come de fear for oga pastor again? As the matter come be now, e be like say all the atrocity wey the General Overseer (alias Daddy GO) dun de commit since time Imo River, na now God dun finally catch am.

Make una follow me see bad thing with naked neck o. One shaku-shaku guy man like that for near we village just wake up one morning come declare say him see God for dream, for night. At first, everybody think say na joke o. So nobody follow am de argue but just de take am do play-play.

Small time, our man dun build one small basha for near one of the village stream dem. And before you say, Onomakpome, our man dun begin gather crowd. Small, small, (trust women!) na dem begin de full the church, one by one. Fine, fine, opeke dem, wey de find husband, or fruit of the womb. And you kuku know say anywhere ant dey, lizard dem must to porshoe dem go there.

Opari. As opeke de come, na so longer-throat boys dem wey de find, fine-fine sisi dem to carry, kukuma begin follow them to attend church. Rumour been fly for town say pastor been see vision for one of the village boys wey travel go city, for Warri, to go settle. As e come see the vision, na him pastor pray for the bobo join. One, two, old boy dun buy land for Warri, build house. As him carry him brand-new, tear-rubber jeep come village to come pay tithe, na him everywhere shake, because him even buy one cha-cha-clean, tokunbo Toyota Camry for the pastor!

Since then, na so church de swell, de full, everyday. Na-na-na, pastor dun expand church, from waterside, go expressway side. Him kukuma upgrade him status now, to General Overseer – Daddy GO. Meanwhile, him dun colonise one of the opeke dem, upgrade am to wife – version, Mummy GO. Members come de flow like water. And na that time wahala come start.

Everyday, everyday, the men of the church come de observe say e be like this Daddy GO dun de touch-touch these opeke dem, small by small. Every time, na so-so night vigil. And na so opeke dem wey de find husband de full ground remain, for the vigil. And na so, too, Daddy must to do deliverance for all of them. Those wey take style fine pass, wey get correct backasi and manchester united for front, dem own vigil nor de ever finish. Every month, dem must to do vigil like two times.

Nor be him, for the second visit to pay tithe, our man convince him friend for town make him carry him wife follow bodi, make GO for do vigil for her head, sake of say she too stubborn. The GO go uproot all the demon dem wey full her head, make she for hear word by fire, by force. Isorite.

As vigil come start, all the vigilisers come line up like passenger wey de wait for canoe, for jetty. GO begin touch them for head, one by one, waka pass. Then, him take style-style select all the finest opeke dem and declare say, as dem fine so, na mammiwota spirit catch all dem and na special prayers dem need, gan. Then, as the church de sing, de dance, dem carry the beauties for bus, go waterside branch for special deliverance and spiritual bath. Nine of them, plus including our Warri friend wife.

GO dun de eye am since dem land, but him nor know say na persin wife – na newly married, tear-rubber chassis and the opeke fine, die. Meanwhile, GO nor know say Warri boy de watch am since, like hawk and him follow the bus for back, with him tithe-giver friend. As the waterside deliverance start, GO first give them white wrapper, tie.

Him pour them water, then the wrapper gum for dem bodi and everything come show well, well. Then, him begin hug them, press yansh and press bobbi, as him de shout him abracadabra. As e reach Warri boy wife turn, him press yansh, then shout say na for the bobbi the spirit dey and him must to suck am out by fire, by force.

Come see this opeke bobbi, as the wrapper lower small, as the thing stranda like Soja Idunmota. Meanwhile, GO dun press yansh like vendor horn, tire. Then, as him bring mouth nearer the bobbi, Warri boy eye come spark red, like blacksmith iron. Mbanu! This bobbi wey dem de ration give am for house like holy communion, na him this bastard want carry him yeye mouth put?

Warri nor de carry last. Quick-quick, him jump inside water, as him de shout, de go: “Which kind yeye deliverance you want do for my wife breast, so?”

As Pastor GO shock, come turn to see who de talk, Warri boy land am one deck across the face, e-gbosahhh! Everywhere come scatter for that midnight. Free for all o. Kasala dun burs’ for church, as aproko man come jam original akpuruka man! Him think say him get sense. E want mess with Warri boy. Na God catch am. Yeye de smell.


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