At this critical and dangerous juncture in world history, whilst most of us are hunkered down in the comfort of our homes, to protect ourselves and family from a menacing, invisible enemy, this husband and wife, both medical doctors, are out in the frontline, in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Here, decked out in their protective gear, the couple can only say parting words of affection to each other in the best way they can manage, through the protective walls between them, before going into battle with an enemy that has already claimed 149,884 lives, worldwide, as at the time of writing this.

The Covid-19 virus is a vicious and insidious adversary and no one knows this fact better than these two. As in all wars, neither of them is cocksure that they would return to each again, safe and sound, at the end of it all. But their instincts to save lives, drive them to the very brink of death, itself.

We therefore urge one and all to spare a thought and a prayer for this heroic couple, as well as for all the very brave healthcare workers, flung and scattered all across the globe, who are actually humanity’s first line of defense in this tough war.

Photo: Courtesy: thequint.com

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