African-American Author, Toni Morrison, Dies At 88



Toni Morrison

Celebrated African-American author, Toni Morrison has died Monday, August 5, 2019, aged, 88.

Morrison was the first Black woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature, in 1993. She also won the coveted Pulitzer Prize in fiction, in 1988. Though she also wrote many essays, she was best known for her powerful prose.

Her first novel, ‘The Bluest Eye’, took the literary world by storm, back in 1970, followed by other works, which included ‘Song Of Solomon’, ‘Sula’ and ‘Tar Baby’.

Her ‘Beloved’, which won the writer the Pulitzer Prize in 1988, was adapted for the big screen in 1998, in a Jonathan Demme film that starred Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Kimberly Elise.

Toni Morrison was also editor of Nigerian scholar, Chinweizu’s seminal and highly regarded work, ‘The West And The Rest Of Us’.

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