Afenifere Spokesman on 2015 Election

Yinka Odumakin


“In 2007, when Afenifere supported Buhari for the presidency, he did make commitments to restructure Nigeria on becoming president. It was on that basis that Afenifere supported him. In 2011, when there were discussions between us and him, we told him that our condition for being in this alliance was to restructure Nigeria and he said he agreed. It was on the basis of that, that the Buhari/Bakare manifesto – in which restructuring was the very first item – was arrived at.

“In fairness to Mr. President, the day that manifesto was launched, he did not raise the issue of the manifesto. He didn’t even speak at the event, he asked Bakare to speak. In retrospect, that tells me something, now. By not speaking at the event and not lifting the manifesto even once, during the campaign, I can now understand all that was happening.”

— Yinka Odumakin, Afenifere spokesman.

* Details coming.

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